Shaft lines, helms, water-jet propellers, structural and functional parts of hulls and holder bushes are only some of the components that OMZ produce for the naval sector.

There are some of the most prestigious shipyards and producers of transmission systems in the world among our clients. Our work in the sector doesn’t stop only at production, but includes testing with registered bodies, assembly of sub-groups and various function tests.
Iron and Steel
OMZ have always been partners with some of the major European iron and steel group with the production of components, devices, groups, machines and installation for the production of semi-finished products in steel, aluminium, zinc and for the production of sheet metal and tubes.
Particularly interesting products are complete installations for the rolling of aluminium with particular reference to caster rollers and special aluminium barrels.

Every production department in OMZ is involved with the ever-growing energy sector.

Our production includes big turbine shafts for hydroelectric and turbogas plants, wind generator shafts, turbine cases, compressors for gas plants and rotors and stators for big engines and electrical transformers.
Civil Works
 In collaboration with leading companies of the sector, OMZ has produced hydraulic retention, support and movement systems for bridges and bulkheads present in some of the most impressive civil works built by man: big-sized components to which the movement of heavy structures is delegated, like the guarantee and safety of the structure itself, for its operators and users.
Special Applications
 Besides the production of single components, prototypes or in small series, OMZ is able to produce, assemble and test assembled groups to be used in the production of rolled steel and aluminium, milling and varnishing installations.
The delivery of these groups is always preceded by function and pressure tests, complete inspection in the presence of the final users and special packaging for transportation.
Paper Industry
The procurement of new clients has allowed us to extend our production sectors with the addition of the paper production sector.